Wrought Iron Works CT Updates

Its been some time since our last blog so here is whats happening with us.

We have been working on many new projects from the beginning of the year. From simple projects to complicated wrought iron projects. We are able to keep our prices at affordable rates.

Strong and elegant, our gates and fencing will accent your residential or commercial property’s unique charm for years to come. These beautifully designed gates and fences are extremely well crafted. Made from solid wrought iron, not cheap hollow tubing, our iron gates and fences add charm and appeal to any home or business. They are strong and durable. Offered in a variety of styles, or create your own unique design. Our custom wrought iron gates are all hand fabricated by talented craftsman using traditional crafting techniques and years of expertise.


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Wrought Iron Works Offers Lasting Beauty and Protection

When it comes to a residential wrought iron fence in the New England area, Wrought Iron Works has earned their reputation for expertise. Offering a broad range of wrought iron fence types to the New England area, ranging from the classic lines of traditional wrought iron fences and gates to sleekly modern designs sure to complement the home styles of today. Iron fences make a wonderful addition to a home, adding tasteful beauty and lasting protection to any residential structure.

Specializing in quality fencing since 2000, Wrought Iron Works has an extensive portfolio of successfully completed residential fencing projects in the New England area with some fine examples of their residential and commercial iron fences and gates. Ornamental iron fencing is as practical as it is beautiful, offering a sense of security that, when quality fencing professionals like those at Wrought Iron Works are chosen, can be expected to retain its stylish look and its practical function for years.

Quality Metal Fence Built to Last

The quality materials and expert installation that Wrought Iron Works can always be depended upon to provide are essential to achieving a long and functional lifespan for your ornamental residential wrought iron fence. Repeat clients make up a significant portion of the current Wrought Iron Works client list, and many of the new clients choose Wrought Iron Works after being referred by other satisfied clients in the New England area.

Wrought Iron Fences & Gates Installed on Schedule

Providing a positive customer service experience is important to Fencemaster. Time is often in short supply for everyone these days, and Fencemaster respects their clients’ time. When you choose Fencemaster for your ornamental wrought iron fence, you can expect that Wrought Iron Works professionals will arrive on time and work will proceed and be completed as scheduled.
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Wrought Iron Works can be relied upon to provide residential ornamental iron fencing and wrought iron gates that will be both beautiful and secure. If you are considering the tasteful and practical addition of a metal fence to your home, take the time to browse through the on-line portfolio on the website and use the easy quote form to get a good estimate of what the project will cost. Our residential wrought iron fence experts are pleased to discuss custom fencing projects, and offer a broad range of fence design and landscaping related products and services.

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